Childhood Is Fleeting – Here’s How You Can Love It to the Fullest

Daniela Koepke

Posted on April 01 2019

Childhood Is Fleeting – Here’s How You Can Love It to the Fullest

Inspired by our “Vintage in Paris” bow collection, I was reminded of how short and sweet the early years of childhood are. I decided to start a simple journaling adventure to see how it would open my eyes and make me aware of the beautiful gems hidden in the moments of their young years - and was surprised how well it worked.



Sometimes, during the twilight hour, after having put my little ones to bed, I ponder how another day has gone by; how these small souls are pacing through time in tiny, almost invisible steps. How fleeting childhood is.


It’s quiet times like these that made me realize how I longed to preserve the precious moments. A little word or phrase they said that delighted them, or how their eyes came alive with a new discovery.

Rather than taking a photo, I set about to record and collect one piece about their day that had touched my heart.


It works like a gratitude journal as it means paying attention to the magic. What I like about it is that it doesn’t take much time (or I would have quickly given up), and there’s no pressure. It' s great for every parent who wants to enjoy a wonderful “click” of the moment without the heaviness of doing it all.


Here’s what you need: Invest in a beautiful sketchbook or journal that you’ll love to use. This will make a difference. I prefer notebooks that are nicely bound with thick, inviting pages. Jenni Bick has a number of stunning journals that would make an exquisite backdrop to the glimpses into your little one’s childhood (how about the Islander Leather Journal With Wrap?).

Be on the lookout every day to catch that one peek into their souls you’d love to preserve. Most of the time the inspiration will find you, you’ll see. Look for the delightful moments that fill you with wonder.  It’s a good idea to have your journal always handy, as these moments could be triggered by:


  • How sweet she lay in her baby carriage as you rolled her along the smooth ways and through the park.

  • How soft his little baby cheeks were when you touched them.

  • The wistful look in her eyes today – what do you think was the meaning of it?

  • The playthings she finds for herself, the sticks and stones and other treasures along the walk.

  • How he pronounces that one little word.

  • What small gestures do you love most about her?

  • What is his favorite thing to do?

  • What special surprises could you add into her childhood days – have you gone boating on a silvery lake?

  • What did he say today that made you laugh?

  • What is a beloved pretend play?

  • Did you catch a spell of his play magic?

  • How sweet she looked in that dress today and her matching accessories.

  • What is her favorite dress?

One sentence will often be enough to help you trigger the memories later on. Start by dating a page on every first of the month. Record your glimpse and leave some space around it. You can then go back and add a photo, a small drawing, a treasured bow you’d like to preserve. Or a leaf collected on one of your walks together.

You will soon be looking forward to catching a new glimpse of inspiration every day and will be delighted to see how many wonderful memories you'll be able to recall.

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