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About us

Before I created the label Daniela Koepke I was obsessed with finding the right accessories for my children. Those that would be absolutely adorable but minimalistic still and point towards the innocence of childhood. I had a yearning for beauty and quality, convinced that children should grow up amongst lovely things. Childhood tends to fly by and I was longing to make the most of it for my own precious little ones.

Then one day, while on a trip through Scandinavia and Germany, I discovered some delightfully picture-perfect toys, meticulously crafted, on an aristocratic country estate. Better yet, these keepsake toys all had their own matching accessories and beautiful play clothes. The grace and charm of a bygone era lay before me. Fascinated, I began to design a line of accessories based on the same key ideas which would equally exceed all standards of quality. This initial movement quickly turned into our mission to beautify childhood and inspire young hearts.